The most simple and secure smart wallet for AVAX.

Simple Secure Wallets for Avax and more.

Why Guava Wallets are so Great!

Light & Fast

Guava Wallets give you full control of your AVAX and other assets on each one of your devices, in a seamless way. You can send and receive quickly.

Network Security

The AVAX environment offers a series of advantages when it comes to security, and with Guava, you can take advantage of all of Avalanche's security features with no effort or worries about how Guava handles your data.

Robust Network

AVAX, being a young project, means there are many validators which can operate your transactions at any time, so there is virtually no downtime in the network.

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Introducing Guava Wallet.

Guava Wallet allows you to send, receive, and secure your AVAX tokens across all of your devices with just one app. Make transactions at low fees by leveraging the underlying AVAX network.

Learn How Guava Wallet Works.

Guava Wallets interact directly with Avalanche to execute your AVAX transactions with the super fast speed and low fees of the underlying network. You don't have to know anything of the underlying network. Sit back and relax while Guava Wallet does the heavy lifting for you.

Blazing fast thanks to AVAX Network.

Guava uses a new consensus protocol called AVALANCHE, unique to this network. AVALANCHE empowers near instant transactions compared to other networks that rely on lengthy confirmations for consensus. AVALANCHE can process thousands of transactions per second with millions of participants, avoiding the congestion that legacy protocols often experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Guava Wallet?

Guava Wallet is an interface program that allows users to interact with the Avax X-Chain network, allowing users with little technical knowledge to send or receive AVAX quickly and easily.

Is Guava Wallet a protocol?

No. As the last response states, Guava only serves as a tool to move assets that reside in the underlying Avax X-Chain. Guava has no native protocol.

Who are the people behind Guava?

Guava is an organization formed by a group of individuals striving to take cryptocurrencies to the masses. Knowing how difficult it is for new users to approach cryptocurrencies, our goal is to make this first contact with AVAX as seamless as possible. Team

How can I update Guava Wallet?

Guava Wallet is a web based wallet which means that the end user doesn't have to worry about updating the wallet software. When you access Guava Wallet, you will already have the latest version available.

Will Guava Wallet support other assets?

Yes, however this will be layed out in the Guava Roadmap under development. At the moment, the Guava Wallet team is focused on bringing the best wallet experience for users seeking to leverage the power of AVAX for doing their financial transactions.


Is Guava Wallet a custodial wallet?

No. Guava Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, meaning that there is no way for Guava Wallet to manage your funds. The users are the only ones that can start transactions using their funds.

How does Guava Wallet protect my seeds?

Guava Wallet keeps private seeds client side, encrypted in the browser of your choice. The wallet only interacts with those seeds when transaction or unlocking the seed phrase to perform a backup.

Does Guava Wallet store any kind of user information?

No. The Guava team has no way of knowing what transactions are made by any of its users. Guava wallet does not keep logs, and only the end users can view their operation history.

Are AVAX transactions secret?

Like Bitcoin and almost all other public crypto networks, Avalanche is "pseudoanonymous". While not directly tied to your identity, all transactions are public, and can be reviewed using a block explorer.

Is AVAX a trustable network?

AVAX, while being a young project, there are many validators which can operate your transactions at any time, so there is virtually no downtime in the network.

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